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A nose surgery, medically termed rhinoplasty, is performed on the nose to alter its shape or enhance its functions. A surgeon may recommend it for medical purposes, such as to resolve breathing difficulties or correct deformities caused by trauma or birth defects. Cosmetic nose surgery involves changing the shape and appearance of the nose to improve facial features.

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    Undergoing a nose surgery

    Patients considering a nose surgery must set up an appointment with a surgeon for a consultation and evaluation. During the meeting, patients will be able to express their aim for the procedure and inform the doctor about their concerns and what enhancements they want for their nose.

    The fact is that there is no flawless nose. With surgery, patients may be able to improve their facial features and highlight their unique and natural beauty. The plastic surgeon will be able to describe the patient’s unique features and make recommendations on what changes would help improve their facial appeal.

    The surgeon will examine the structural makeup of the nose and aspects of the face. Following the initial evaluation, patients will know whether their expectations for nose surgery are realistic or not. The doctor will check the patient’s medical history, including medications and any present or past ailments that may affect the outcome of the procedure. Initial discussions will also cover the benefits, risks aftercare and recovery as well as the costs.

    Patients with health insurance may need to talk to their insurance company before the procedure to know what is covered or what they will be paying for. Most health insurers do not cover nose surgical procedures done solely for cosmetic purposes.

    The nose surgery procedure

    Plastic surgeons have different methods for reshaping the nose. Once the patient is ready for the procedure, the surgeon will explain the surgery process.

    Rhinoplasty is typically done on an outpatient basis, meaning patients do not need to stay overnight. They may be placed under local or general anesthesia. Under general anesthesia, the patient will be unconscious throughout the surgery. Local anesthesia keeps the patient sedated and their nose numbed to keep them comfortable and unable to feel pain.

    During the surgery, the doctor will make incisions inside the nostrils. In complicated situations, the surgeon may create incisions along the base of the nose. They will then reshape and modify the underlying bone and cartilage to create a more appealing appearance.

    Recovering after nose surgery

    After a nose surgery, the patient will need to wear nasal splints for a week. Swelling or bruising may occur around the eyes, but that will get better within a few days. The nose may swell a little, but it will get better within a few months. The resulting shape of the nose will be noticeable after healing fully.

    Patients must not engage in taxing activities for a few weeks after surgery. It is possible to return to regular routine within two to three weeks without any apparent sign of the surgery.

    Final note

    Patients who undergo nose surgery for medical purposes are usually able to breathe well without restriction, making life significantly more comfortable. Improvements to the appearance of the nose can also be a great confidence booster for those who are not pleased with the shape of their nose.

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