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Acne scar treatment is done to soften or clear the scars left behind by acne. Before the procedure, the patient must have completely gotten rid of any acne because new breakouts can cause new scars. Some of the acne scar treatments described in this article cannot be done while using topical acne medications, and the resulting inflammation from breakouts can lower the efficiency of the procedure.

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    Treating acne scars

    Different types of acne scars include atrophic or depressed scars, hypertrophic or raised scars and dark spots. Before starting any treatment procedure, patients must first consult a dermatologist. The skincare expert will help determine the best way to decrease the appearance of the scars and ensure that the skin marks are caused by acne and not another condition.

    Most scars can be treated with modern techniques, including surgical revision and excision, intralesional injections, laser therapy and topical creams. For some patients, the methods may be combined for optimal results. Some patients may not witness drastic improvements with the scars, but the cosmetic doctor will try to explain the benefits, potential outcome, and risks of the procedure.

    Acne scar treatment options

    The following is a list of the acne scar treatment options available today.


    Dermabrasion involves the use of a wire brush or wheel to exfoliate the upper layer of the skin intensely. The procedure is more suitable for scars near the skin surface, such as rolling scars or shallow boxcar scars. It may also make deep scars less apparent.

    Chemical peels

    A chemical peel is a powerful acid used to take off the upper layer of the skin to get rid of deep scars. Some variants are mild enough for home use, but the doctor can offer a stronger option that produces more drastic results.


    A cosmetic doctor might use fillers to even out the skin in case of depressed scars. The fillers can be created with commercial filler, collagen or the patient’s fat. They are injected beneath the skin surface to plump up and smoothe out depressed scars. It is ideal for rolling scars or boxcar scars.

    Laser resurfacing

    This treatment also removes the upper skin layer. Laser resurfacing generally heals faster than other resurfacing treatments. The doctor will keep the area bandaged until the skin heals fully. The procedure is not ideal for people who are still battling breakouts, and its effects on darker skin tones are not so significant.


    This treatment involves applying a small, handheld, needle-studded roller on the scar. After numbing the skin, the doctor will create holes on the scars with the needles. The skin will produce collagen as it heals.


    This acne scar treatment involves injecting different medications, including corticosteroids and chemotherapy meds fluorouracil (5-FU) into raised scars to soften and flatten them. The doctor will administer one injection every few weeks.

    In conclusion

    Acne scars can be tiring, but treatments are available to make their appearance less noticeable. Most scars are permanent, but your cosmetic doctor will recommend a suitable acne scar treatment to make your skin look better. Acne is less likely to scar if the breakout is minimal. Avoid popping, squeezing or picking acne to prevent damages to the underlying tissues, which could cause scars.

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