Two Ways to Get Rid of Jowls Forever

Unhealthy habits, such as smoking, gravity, poor diet, sun exposure and aging
are the main causes of sagging facial skin. All these factors can cause the
collagen and elastin in your skin to breakdown which leads to loose, droopy skin.
Knowing that you are aging and looking old is never palatable. In fact, it is one of
the most difficult things in life to accept. One of the first harbingers of age is
sagging jowls, which can make you look older than you really are. While you may
feel that you are fighting a losing battle against aging, you actually can get rid of
Today, you have the choice between noninvasive and invasive methods of
treatments. Depending upon what you are comfortable with and your finances,
you can choose one of them.
Noninvasive Method of Getting Rid of Jowls
Consult a cosmetic surgeon and speak to him or her about noninvasive methods
of getting rid of jowls forever. These include laser and infrared treatments. Both
methods of treatment stimulate production of collagen in your skin. Furthermore,
these treatments also ensure that the heat penetrates into the deeper layers of
the skin to help tighten the fibrous bands.
Once you undergo either laser or infrared treatment, you will see visible and
immediate results, which can be quite impressive. However, you may need
several sessions before you see an improvement or total disappearance of your
jowls. Your cosmetic surgeon will inform you about the sessions required. While
these treatments may be expensive, they are worth the money spent. You will
look more youthful after the procedure.
Invasive Method of Eliminating Jowls
In some men and women, jowls can occur due to subcutaneous fat. This is the
fat that is present on the lower part of the cheek overlyi
ng the jaw bone. This can make the person look older than he or she is and this can make you feel miserable. Why suffer in silence when you can opt for tumescent liposuction? This method is quite safe and also pretty effective in removing surplus fat from the jowls and chin region. Today, technology has improved so much that
tumescent liposuction uses local anesthesia and avoids telltale scars of facelifts.
You can rest assured knowing that your recovery will be swift after the procedure
and there are minimal chances of complications. Also, it will give you a more
natural look when compared to a facelift.
Usually, tumescent liposuction is ideal for young women with jowls due to fat
deposits, as their skin is elastic enough to benefit from this procedure alone.
However, older women too can get fantastic results if they combine the
procedure with laser resurfacing or chemical peel treatment. Whether you are opting for noninvasive or invasive procedure to get rid of jowls forever, it is important you select your cosmetic surgeon with care. The surgeon
should be experienced and have the expertise in this field of cosmetic surgery.
Above all, the surgeon should be able to recommend the best treatment to suit
your requirements and budget. Getting rid of jowls is no longer difficult. The key
is finding the right cosmetic surgeon, who will guide you correctly.

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