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"He is truly an artist of his craft. Dr. Bivens aims for perfection and does not stop until he achieves just what the client desires. I remember my procedure was said to be about a 3-5 hour operation. Well, it lasted almost 7 and 1/2 hours as he really took his time in giving me, the client, the best shape of my new nipples as possible, and did his absolute best by following his gut when it came to the final outcome of his work. He listened to ALL of my concerns, questions, gripes, and bitching to boot. What more could I ask for? He gave me his all. It was truly a life changing experience."

− 25 Years Old at the Time of Reconstruction. - Atlanta, GA

"Dr. is an excellent doctor and honest.He did a perfect job for me.I had a saline breast augmentation done by him.The shapes are perfect and I had a very easy recovery.He also has a very pleasant personality.You are not just another number.He takes time to listen and cares.He also follows instructions quite well.He did exactly what I requested of him with the procedure.I would refer this doctor to anyone.In fact I am so happy with his services I am leaving Florida for any other matter concerning cosmetic surgery. Dr. 's holds my confidence and trust."

− I made a decision to enlarge my breast. - Breast Augmentation - Newport Beach, CA

"He was very professional and comforting. I really recommend him :)"

− My Silicon Thru the Nipple Consultation/ Pre / Post Op Experience 🙂 - Fountain Valley, CA

"Dr. Bivens was extremely nice straight from the beginning, he looked out for the best interest for my body and I truly appreciated that!"

− 31 Year Old Mom of 3 and 5'4

"Had a great consultation with Dr Joseph Bivens. Very pleasant and down to earth! Listens to what you want yet still gives you his input of what he thinks would look great on your body! I was afraid I was going to big with the 400cc's he recommended but now that I've had the surgery I'm glad I listened to him and didn't go any smaller! He's just great overall and ms Lee in the office is very good at what she does! She's been very help through this whole process! I would definitely recommend Dr Bivens at EOSC Fountain Valley Ca."

− 26 and Finally have Boobs! Full C Small D Saline Unders